Tecnovox Achievements
Le Meridien President Hotel

Pointe Des Almadies, 221

It's the most prestigious hotel in Dakar and all the Senegal. A big structure placed in a large area near the sea, which integrates a great convention center, site of the most important events in the country.

Conference system for auditorium with 800 seats each with simultaneous translation system mixed with 8 wire and IR channels. Computerized Conference System with intervention request  by the delegates with 4 methods of management (manual, automatic, succession and  debate) voting (Member, assessment and approval), podium with 2 microphone, chairman table unit with absolute priority, 14 prime delegate units in the master table, 80 dunits for hall delegates, IR digital simultaneous translation radiators. Speed home camera on the  speaker, distributed digital amplification, double digital translator units with the possibility of relay translation, instructions with multi languages audio showing how to use the equipment.  "Metamorphosis" table units including, microphone, selecting channels of simultaneous interpretation and connection for headphones, voting multimodalm and speaker. Amplification of the room, IR digital simultaneous translation radiators for use by participants not as delegates. Automatic cameras pointing the speaker. Digital recording audio and video.

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