Tecnovox Achievements

Via Masaccio, 19
20149 Milano, ITALY

Structure very elegant, newly built in the commercial area of the city with all the most advanced technologies to the customer service.

Room automation including:
Economy of electricity and heat through card container placed inside the room. Compatibility of chip cards used for access through electronic lock and another brand with the possibility of distinguishing between the staff and customer and consequent control of the rooms state (free, occupied with count down the days of occupation, the presence of the client in Room personal presence with distinction and function names). Centralized and local control of temperature. Command console on night table with command of all lights + 3 layers of motorized curtains, control of temperature and air velocity. Night mode with the condition that, pressing any button will turn a decent pilot light that will allow you to see the keys and functions of the panel without causing disturbance to any other person in the same bed. General "off" lights button obviating to act on different switches for turning off the lights as you want to sleep. Economic function that acts in such a way as to limit the power of certain lights in case of emergency power from the generator, allowing only the triggering of certain lights and excluding others so as to limit the absorption prevents overloading of generators. Totally microprocessor controlled and linked by bus with a control PC from which it receives the programmatic provisions. The control console is a custom creation made in accord with the electrical design and the interior designer.

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