Tecnovox Achievements
NH Verdi Hotel

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 6a
20124 Milan, ITALY

Large structure recently built with great attention to design and with a high contribution of the latest technologies specific to the hotels.

Rooms automation and common areas, including:

Room access Unit with chip card, call button, led of customer presence, "do not disturb" led and "make up room" led. Custom implementation in accordance with the internal architecture. Control of the state-rooms (free, occupied with count down the days of occupation, the presence of the customer in the room, with variations for personal presence and function names). Electric lock and internal card container, including the buzzer for the call, the relative "do not disturb" led and the command button for "make up room". Bedside panel activating "do not disturb" and electrick lock in addition to command lights. Common access controlled with particualar program for every card (customer and staff). Public address system with local volume regulators. Two meeting rooms equipped with sound system with dual function (public address with the possibility of making room for independent stand-alone use).

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