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Tecnovox since many years has undertaken the mission of respect of the environment as a proper object of research comparable to the technology one. Tecnovox, has firstly introduced the concept of energy saving in accommodation facilities (hotels, nursing homes and hospitals) from the rooms till the common areas and equipment technology, with increased and sophisticated solutions, fully respecting the comfort of customer and environmental features. Tecnovox introduced LED lighting as an alternative to incandescent lamps whose efficiency is very low and the fluorescent energy savings that sometimes are aesthetically unsuitable for elegant and refined environment. But the mission in this sense has gone beyond, starting from equipment it concerns the design phases too of systems with research of the lowest fuel consumption, through the streamlining of electronic devices and selecting the appropriate components. Tecnovox in the Amplification systems was one of the first to use digital amplifiers that dramatically increased performance, decreasing consumption during operation and reducing the absorption in stand-by to negligible levels. These special quality are particularly important for alarm and voice evacuation system that works permanently. And not enough for all these, has been reserved a particular regard to packaging that further use recycled materials, has been to completely avoid the long-deteriorating materials (polystyrene or similar) as advised by the European Union.

Regarding the energy saving also refer to "CLIMATECO".

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